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Based on 68 reviews

I highly recommend this plumping lotion. I used one bottle and have noticed a major difference. Booty is bigger and plumper. I just recently received a 2nd bottle and can’t wait to see the results. No BBL procedure for me. I stand by this product! Don’t hesitate to buy.

Lip repairing mask

Am starting to see the difference


Fruit Detox Cleanse Tea

OMG! It's will definitely clean you out. Definitely give it a try.

It’s great just a little heavy

Big Mouth
Long dick eater

It sucked my pussy dry amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you 😜💦

Tongue Master 2.0
Shameka Willis

I love it


Whoever invented this is a damn GENIUS!!!!! Haven’t screamed at the top of my lungs in a while!!! Will be a daily user!!

Juicy Kitty Pleasure Lubricant 0.5 OZ

Fruit Detox Tea

I love the way I feel and the flavor is Amazing!!


Never would have imagined that this vibrator actually feels like you're getting screws. Oh mymymy wooochile. Yes this is a great buy.. Well gotta go this thing done put me to see.

Lip repair mask

This good thang works wonders very pleased with my lips got my pink lips back! Thank you

Great !

More than what I expected and very satisfied I’ve never came internally with a toy let alone a human 🤣 I thought I could only reach that from the outside but this thing here showed me that it can be accomplished ❤️ will recommend to everyone

Tongue Master 2.0
Edmond Osei

Tongue Master 2.0

Plumping Lotion & Waist Slimming Gel Combo

Works Well

I was not sure if I would like this, but after drinking it a couple of days I actually love the taste. It is not too sweet and not bitter at all. I would recommend this product.

Proper Fix (Real Skin)

Chocolate Daddy Anaconda

I love it😍🥳

Big dog

I did not use it as a toy for my wife yet but it definitely looks good

Tongue Master 2.0
Natasha Pickering
Serves the purpose

It is pretty useful if you put it in the right spot. I find the faster it goes the better. It does serve it's purpose as you can put it right where you need it to be without having to tell you know who right there don't move. Wish it came with it own travel bag.


This waist shaper is Size inclusive . It provides the support in the middle section while also pulling what needs to be pulled forward . Dis er do it THANG

Da best

My husband love the way it feels inside of me

Gawk 3000
Unsatisfied Customer
This is a horrible company that has trash product

Where do I start. My order was placed on November 25,2022. I waited over a week for my items before I sent a message to this despicable company. The first email sent simply asked for an update on my order; no response. The second email a week after the initial message I requested for a refund due to not receiving my items. Third email sent expressed that if I didn’t hear back from them regarding the status of my order that I’d be contacting the better business bureau as well as my CC company. That message caught their attention and a label was created. However, another week passed and I still did not received my items. I reached out to my credit card company to begin the dispute process. To my surprise, I received an email notification, informing me that the package will be shipped within two business days. How ironic is that the moment I can’t take my credit card company all of a sudden I receive a response from this horrible company. Upon receipt of the items I read the directions and placed them on the charger. unfortunately, the items were defective and did not work. I sent another email to the company informing them of this and still have not received a response. Needless to say I’ll be contacting my credit card company again to dispute as well as contact the Better Business Bureau to inform them this company is a rip off. I strongly advise anyone who is reading this do not I repeat, do not purchase anything from this company.

Hi, we are sorry about this experience what is your order number