Hourglass Sculpt Belt LG/XL

Hourglass Sculpt Belt LG/XL

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Hourglass Sculpting belt* this belt is use for gym or physical activities this garment is a fitness belt it will not compress your body in any its made of neoprene thermogenic material its has no latex.its design to be worn for any fitness routine also a great accessories for shopping & doing household chores 

Comfortable for bed time,

Product details below
-Made from Thermogenic material
-Start sweating within minutes
of putting it on
-Reduce belly fat
-Drastically eliminate extra inches from back & love handles
-Designed for men & women
-Adjustable for various sizes
-Keeps core engaged to -reinforce proper structure
-Flush away water weight
-Velcro enclosure; will not come undone during vigorous exercise
-Incredibly comfortable without wires
-Back Support magnet for squatting

 Please note: size small/LG Belt only comes in Pink/Black

 Please note: size LG/XL Belt only comes in turquoise/black

Please Note: this Belt size is only available in Turquoise/Black

 To know what size  Hourglass Sculpt is right for you please measure your waist with a tape measure approximately two inches above your waist.

If your waist is 33 inches to smaller, please get the 36 inch Belt. 

If your waist is between 34 to 39 Inches please get the 42 inch Belt labeled 42 inch

larger size coming soon!